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In our other lives before becoming camp advisors, we have been teachers (nursery school, gifted, and special needs kids), camp directors, and camp counselors, court reporters, analysts, paralegals, legislative assistants, lawyers, CPAs, graphic artists, bakers, athletic directors, tennis coaches and musicians. We are volunteers, civic activists, caterers and docents.

We have 14 bachelor’s degrees,  7 master’s degrees and one law degree. We have attended  Middlebury, George Washington, Ithaca, University of Vermont, University of Mississippi, University of Virginia, University of Texas, University of Iowa, Trinity, Boston College, and Simmons.

Our travels take us to the 50 states, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. We jog, bike or walk 28 miles per day, 196 miles a week. We play tennis, golf, bridge, MahJong, poker, race sailboats, do needlepoint and swim. We drive carpools, cook, garden, raise cats, dogs and fish and care for the homeless.

We are the parents of 40 children, ages 4-40. Our children attend elementary, middle school, high school, college and graduate school. They are mothers, fathers, social workers, teachers, conservators, artists, journalists,  filmmakers, winemakers, marketing and media specialists and students.

We have worked as consultants for Tips on Trips and Camps for more than 143 years combined. Over 140,000 families have benefited from our advice. We spend 90 hours per day on the phone talking with families about the wonderful summer programs we represent.

What a Team!

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